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Sport Maker winners

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Monique Eades from Tauranga


Monique Eades from Tauranga (Nov 2017) 

Monique has won an all-expenses-paid trip to the Hockey World League Final for her and a mate. Here is her nomination:

"Monique plays a number of roles within the Tauranga Hockey Association that helps with the delivery and management of the game. 

She is the chairperson of our Kwik Sticks (intermediate) committee that oversees all our intermediate hockey.  This role involves liaising with schools, dealing with complaints, organising meetings, finalising the handbook and attending Association meetings.  She is also the draws and results steward for the Kwik Sticks competitions which is a time consuming role.  Monique is also the co-chair of our representative committee that provides support to our rep managers including fielding questions and providing advice, set's the budget for rep teams, liaises with the office staff on bookings and has acted as the gear custodian ensuring all our teams are kitted out.  She is also the manager of a college 1st XI team and coaches and Intermediate team where she doesn't have any children involved. 

She's done all this while holding down a full time job.  Monique is an absolute trooper and a deserving nominee for a Sport Maker award."


Each Sport Maker has won $1,000 worth of Lotto Volunteers gear. 

 Lloyd Morgan from Taranaki 

"Lloyd has given up countless hours of time and days on his farm to coach the Opunake high school boys and girls hockey teams. He has two children, both of which are almost finished high school, Lloyd has been coaching since at least 1995, which is years before his kids were even born. I think that it is time that he is recognised for his efforts towards this.

As a farmer, who milks 500 odd cows on a pretty rocky/hilly farm, him and his wife Jo, do exceedingly well do accomplish what they do. He isn't paid for what he does and he sacrifices a lot to pursue the teams, this year he was successful in both of his teams winning the B grade hockey leagues (boys and girls) at the Stratford TET. Lloyd is also dedicated to the men's Te Kiri hockey team, where he coaches and plays for the men's team, he spends more countless hours helping the team prepare plays and coaching them as well as some weekends playing for them. I know Lloyd has been involved in masters teams and rep teams over his 50 odd years of hockey and I just think that it's his time to be recognised.

The things that make Lloyd such a great person are his sense of humour and the way that he can relate to anyone, whether they be old or young or experienced or not, he takes everyone under his wing and gives them a go. He's the best coach I've ever had and I think that a lot would agree. I know that this trip would mean the world to Lloyd and his family. The Opunake/Taranaki community would never be the same without Lloyd and his wonderful skills!"

Henry Mulligan from Gisborne 

"Henry Mulligan is an amazingly dedicated Hockey Coach. He has been the 1st XI coach for Gisborne Girls High School for the past 13years. He started while his own daughter was part of the team 13 years ago and when she finished high school he was so involved with the girls in the team that he continued on & on & on. Each year he says this will be his last year coaching, but we never believe him as he is still there encouraging our girls.

He gives up so much of his time to devote to the team, taking them away to the Festival of Hockey (furnware cup) and Secondary School tournaments every year, meaning time off work & away from his whanau. There is not only the time he takes to go away for tournaments but he has 3 trainings a week (including a fitness session at 6.30am every week) which the girls absolutely love :) and the time he puts into planning and game plans. As well as his dedication to our team he is also involved with coaching at a regional level helping out with the trainings for the Poverty Bay Hockey region & also of recent he has been assistant coach for Central Hockey teams which in the last 2 seasons have been Winner & Runner Up in the national competition.

He is an amazing mentor for young hockey players in the region and is so dedicated to getting the best out of all players who are interested in playing hockey. He gives many young disadvantaged players in our school & region the chance to play hockey giving of his time and resources freely. All he asks is commitment & respect for themselves, the team and our school. The girls all love, respect and trust him. He is a hard taskmaster but he only asks of the girls what he knows that they are capable of giving. This would be an awesome opportunity to show our respect, appreciation and thanks to an amazing selfless coach."

Phil Chandler from Hawke's Bay 

 "Phil has continued to coach the Havelock Hawks junior rugby team now for the past 4 years, now in 8th grade.  He has great patience and a good understanding of how to get the best out of each player.  While he is developing them as players he also recognised the individual traits and personalities that contribute to the boys growth in areas other than sport.  While the team has been successful on the field it is the off field culture of the team and parent group that Phil needs to be recognised for."

Anita Hammett from Tasman

"I am nominating Anita as our awesome volunteer. Anita is a mum of five who also runs our Nelson Judo Club almost singlehandedly. Our club has over 100 members and is non-profit. 

Anita does nearly all of our admin work, competition entries, invoicing and picks up anyone who can't make it to judo in her van. She is just one of those people who can't say no!
Our club has become more of a club because of Anita, she helps to get everyone involved. She is the friendly face at the door to greet you and the kids flock to her.
Without the countless hours she puts in we wouldn't have been able to grow from 12 members to over 100 in the last three years."

Dean Williamson from Otago

"Dean is a quiet, genuine guy who has selflessly done amazing things for the Taieri Hockey Club over many years.  Since he has been club president we have gone from 2 teams and a large debt to 8 teams and a healthy position. 

Dean is the guy who coaches, plays and organises, always putting other people first and in his humble, inclusive and self effacing way developing new innovative initiatives  - he's truly the glue that holds our club together.  He does the big picture stuff, strategising how the club can be better , particularly with regard to developing young players from an early age and fronts up with the hours and effort required to make it happen. He started junior club teams for years 3-6 (which he coaches), runs weekly fitness sessions, organised leasing clubrooms and kitted it out with his own pool table, dart board and TV/games system (as well as fronting up week in week out during the season to open and close the clubrooms).  He also organises team paintball, fishing trips and has even hosts club parties at his house! 

Dean's leadership has inspired others in the club to step up and do their bit to help and earned respect in the club and the wider hockey community.  The culture and values he instills are attracting more players of all ages and building a legacy that will hopefully continue for decades to come - not bad for a guy in his early thirties!"

Naioma Chase from Manawatu

"The Dannevirke Tigers Rugby League Club has recently been revitalised after three years in recession. This achievement can be accredited to the great work of a small group of passionate parents wanting to provide a pathway for their children and the community to participate in touch and rugby league. 

One person in particular needs to be acknowledged for her outstanding contribution to ensure the club reached its full potential. As Chairperson of the Dannevirke Tigers Rugby League Club, Naioma Chase is the main point of contact for the club.

Naioma's passion for the club and its members, sees her ensure that each player is given an equal opportunity to be involved in all that the club has to offer. Naioma works full time and runs a household of five children while still finding time to successfully oversee the management of the club and manage the under 13 league team and under 12 touch team.

The committee led by Naioma, re-established the club in 2016 with one under 11 Rugby League team (18 members). News of the clubs revitalisation soon spread around Dannevirke and due to an overwhelming interest from not only the local community but from as far as Waipukurau and Palmerston North a Club Muster Day was organised, resulting in the registration of seven teams in the junior-youth grade, one women's and one men's premier team, a youth touch team, and two women's netball teams. After only one year, the club membership increased from 18 to 230 members.
Naioma organises everything from uniforms to sport equipment, leasing buses for travel and organising practice fields and equipment. Her garage has now turned into a storage shed for the club gear. She has also led the development and adoption of key club policies; including the code of conduct, child protection and uniform policies.

This year, the Tigers under 17 team entered the NZ Maori League Tournament in Rotorua, where two of our players were scouted for NRL Clubs. This achievement made the hard work involved to get the teams to the tournament all the more worthwhile. These achievements and the clubs ongoing success would not have been possible without the countless hours and dedication given by Naioma, who has given her whole heart to re-establishing the Dannevirke Tigers Rugby League Club. Naioma is truly the backbone of the Dannevirke Tigers Rugby League Club."

Martin Mackereth from Southland 

"Martin is, quite simply, amazing.How he finds the time to volunteer across so many sports I'm not sure, but I know that there are hundreds of youngsters and their parents that are so fortunate that he does. 

Martin coaches two hockey teams, is president of the Gore Gymnastics Club and is a gym coach and has only recently stepped down as the president of the local BMX club as well - all in his spare time.
He also works fulltime, and is a volunteer emergency medical technician for St John, and is also the Deputy Chairman of the Hokonui Area committee. The time, dedication and effort Martin voluntarily puts into sport is outstanding.
Not only does he coach the kids to an extremely high standard (most of his hockey charges went on to representative teams), but more than that, he really instills a sense of teamwork and sportsmanship for everyone he coaches and prides himself on this. All of the wonderful things kids gain from playing sport - lessons in winning and losing, how to be a good sport, how to work as a team, the desire to want to be better each and every game - Martin gives to his players. He teaches them not only key sporting skills, but key life skills.

He is also so very proud of the achievements his charges, often showing us videos of the latest gym competition or his hockey team winning. Along with his coaching, Martin is constantly thinking and looking for new opportunities for those within the sports he works, such as seeking out potential new facilities or looking for new coaching opportunities.

He's always prepared to take on a new challenge - he simply does not know how to say no, and the Eastern Southland sporting community are so much better off for this. He is an absolute asset to the community. He is absolutely 100% deserving of winning this title."

Richard Baggs from Waikato 

"Richard or Baggsy is one of the most comitted and caring person. From teaching to coaching to sitting in a technical bench at international games in New Zealand. Baggsy gives every moment of his spare time to hockey, he travels far and wide to ensure that tournaments go ahead and there are people to support the game. He gives a lot of his time coaching teams, mentoring umpires to be the best they can be and providing his technical knowledge of rules and regulations to the associations and players.

Baggsy is problably the most influential person to players coming out of Hillcrest high where he teaches. As a past student and ex captain of the HHS 1st XI hockey team if it wasn't for Baggsy and his support I wouldn't be where I am now. When I was in a bad spot due to family complications which threatened my playing career baggsy helped out by offering up alternative ways of getting to tournament and sponsorship.

Baggsy has turned the HHS hockey program into a hell of a successful program with two past players now playing Midlands U21 and various other teams. Majority of the players playing representative hockey have Baggsy to thank for his dedication. He has also coached current Blacksticks players and he has a huge heart. I personally think he deserves an award for his efforts."

James Grieve from Auckland City

"When our Men's Club Captain was transferred to another city for work just before the commencement of this season, our club was in a pickle. With existing volunteer capacity maxed out, we needed some help. James was a young fella who had been involved with the club through the junior and youth ranks and had played a couple of seasons of junior hockey.

Having already volunteered to act as player-manager for the team he was a part of, James took on the club captain role and did it with aplomb. He dealt with emails, administrators, disciplinary issues. He was always the last at training organising logistics for the weekend or to put his hand up to fill in for other teams, and even more keen to ensure that all the boys both enjoyed their hockey and had a good time at the pub afterwards.

James epitomises the spirit of what hockey should be about at this level, showing a massive passion for the game, but more importantly, for the people who play it. We love him at Mt Eden Hockey and thoroughly appreciate all he does. It's probably worth mentioning that once he's done a full week at work and spent the his nights corralling the rest of us boys a training, helping fill in for the youth team coaches and making sure we have a team on the park on the weekend, he gets up on a Saturday morning and refs a game or two of schoolboy rugby before heading along to the turf. If that's not commitment to your community, I don't know what is."


 Elliot Hira - team experience winner (April 2017)

Noticing the lack of sporting opportunities in his tiny Northland town, local policeman and volunteer Elliot Hira took it upon himself to set up a free community gym.

To say thanks, Lotto rewarded him and the kids of Kohukohu School with the ultimate team experience — a trip to Auckland to met boxing legend Shane Cameron!


Steve and Debbie - team experience winners (December 2016)

Meet Steve & Debbie Hitakaiwai of the Waitakere Bears Softball Club our latest 'Thank a Sport Maker' team experience winners. 

Steve and Debbie having been volunteering at the club for over 10 years as manager and coach. This dynamic duo go above and beyond for their team and really bring out the best in their players - they just won Auckland Grand Final for their age group!

As winner's of the team experience prize, Lotto NZ organised a team trip so that they could have bit of fun! The day kicked off with a few games of paintball in Woodhill forest. This was followed by a team lunch at a local orchard to refuel before we surprised the team with a luxury hummerzine ride around Auckland.


Nevo Simanu - team experience winner (August)

Nevo has been a volunteer volleyball coach at Sacred Heart College for over 10 years. He gives up 20 hours a week training four teams on top of his normal full time job, as well as fundraising for uniforms and trips away for the girls.

A team reunion was organised for Nevo, where past and present volleyballers came together for an afternoon of food, fun and games!


Dallas Storer — team experience winner (April 2016)

Sport Maker winner Dallas Storer (centre) was nominated for his extraordinary efforts in transforming unused land in his community into BMX track and skate park for everyone to enjoy. 

Being the humble man Dallas is, he wanted his team experience to be about giving back so we organised a club day for everyone in the community to enjoy.

Dallas was presented with his Sport Maker award by BMX NZ Sportswoman of the Year Caitlin Georgantas along with some new bikes and gear for his BMX Club. Spot prizes were given out and everyone enjoyed a BBQ and delicious cake before getting out on the track to show off their skills.  


Jason King — team experience winner (November 2015)

Sport Maker Jason King was nominated by multiple people thanking him for his voluntary work with the First Kicks Whanganui football programme. Jason has been running the programme for the past four years on Saturday mornings at Wembley Park.  

As a part of Jason's team experience prize, Wellington Phoenix players Ben Sigmund and Lewis Italiano came along and did some training drills with the kids for an afternoon of football fun. 


Kara Hodge — team experience winner (August 2015)

Kara Hodge received a Sport Maker award and an ultimate team experience for his inspirational commitment to the Tokoroa High School Girls 1st XV team.

A renowned rugby league man of 20 years, he has been known to watch YouTube for rugby moves, rules and game plans and often finishes work early to hold team trainings. The support from Kara and his wife, Ange, who is also the team manager, means the girls always have transport to games and meals at the ready, no questions asked. He has taught the girls to support each other, work as a team and respect their opposition no matter what the outcome and takes very little credit for their success. 

Kara' s team experience was a team trip to Rotorua, where the team had some fun on the zipline, luge and gondola followed by some relaxation in the hot pools. 



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